What is the stuff from which leaders are made?

A Gathering of Eagles, Valor and Prisoners of Hope are part of a series of books written by Colonel Jim Coy. The profit from the Eagle series books is used for financial need scholarships for students attending Christian and parochial schools, and send books to our troops in Afghanistan & Iraq.

A Gathering of Eagles

A Gathering of Eagles is the first book of a series. The book offers wisdom or “advice for life” from leaders in five categories:


VALOR – A Gathering of Eagles is “advice for life” from 117 men who received the Medal of Honor.

Prisoners of Hope

PRISONERS OF HOPE – A Gathering of Eagles is “advice for life” from 119 ex-Prisoners of War from WWII to the Gulf War.

Daily Planner & Prayer Journal

A Gathering of Eagles. The book offers daily wisdom and counsel from men who have received the Medal of Honor, Admirals and Generals.

Matthew A to Z + 2

A number of years ago during my daily Bible study, I decided that I wanted to better understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Miracles of Jesus for Kids

There are at least thirty-six miracles in the Gospels that Bible scholars agree happened during the earthly ministry of Christ.

The ABCs of Matthew for Kids

This book uses the alphabet, alliteration and lively illustrations to help children learn the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Parables of Jesus for Kids

The parables, the teachings of Jesus, are listed in the order they occur in the Gospels.