Dr. Jim Coy featured in Mature Living magazine. Click to view a PDF of the story.

Dr. Jim Coy featured in Mature Living magazine. Click to view a PDF of the story.

Colonel Jim Coy is a medical consultant for the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He served two years as the national president of the Special Operations Medical Association and as the national surgeon of the Reserve Officers Association. He lectures both nationally and internationally on combat trauma medicine and his ground-breaking research on lightweight x-ray equipment.

Dr. Coy has served with numerous Special Forces and Special Operations units. He served with the 3rd Group Army Special Forces (AIRBORNE) in the 1991 Gulf War. He has received a myriad of military honors, awards, and badges including the Legion of Merit, the Combat Medical Badge, and the prestigious “A” designation—the highest recognition of the Army Medical Department.

He battled with cancer from 1978-1989 with four major surgeries during which portions of his lower throat and jawbone were removed. Today he is considered cured.

Jim and his wife Vicki have three children: Tim, Tricia, and Joshua. His family is extremely important to him. He has a vision to see men become spiritual leaders and stand strong for their families. Colonel Coy is very active in Men’s ministries and the Columbia Men Without Fear group.  He frequently speaks to community churches and military groups across the nation.

Financial Need Scholarships:
The profit from the Eagle series books is used for financial need scholarships for students attending Christian and parochial schools.  To learn more about scholarships, contact COL Coy at

Creed or Code of Conduct:
No matter how controversial, no matter the consequence, Lord, help me keep the commitment to have the courage to do what is right!

Always seek to do what is right.  With every decision, make a conscious effort to do the right thing.  Frequently we have to choose between a more difficult right or an easier wrong.  The right decisions pay big dividends!

Success to Significance:
“All success is secular, all significance is spiritual.”  Roger Ingvalson. My thoughts about success and significance are:  Any time we affect a positive change in someone’s life, we are successful.  More importantly, any time we affect a positive spiritual change in someone’s life, we attain significance.