Matthew A to Z + 2

Learning the Life of Christ Through the Alphabet and Alliteration

A number of years ago during my daily Bible study, I decided that I wanted to better understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  With that decision, I began a daily study of the Gospel of Matthew.  As I read the Gospel over and over, I began to underline words in each chapter that would correspond to the number of the chapter and to the letter of the alphabet.  For example, chapter 1 would be A, and chapter 2 would correspond to B.  After doing this for weeks and months, I realized this method could be used as a tool to learn the content of each chapter.  I believe this approach is a great learning tool for Bible students of any age.  I also feel this is a wonderful teaching tool for parents, grandparents and teachers to use to teach their children, grandchildren and students.

In Psalm 119:11 we read, “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”  A great companion verse is Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

I recently heard Dr. James Dobson in a radio interview with Chuck Colson.  Dr. Dobson commented on the statement made by the President of a well- known seminary about seminary students today compared to students in the past.  The comment was, “When students start seminary today, they don’t know Scripture.  Many don’t even know the basic teachings of Jesus.”

In Malachi 4:6 we read, “He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”  I am more convinced than ever that we have to learn about the life of Christ, and we have to teach our children about Christ, His life and teachings.  If we do not, we will reap the curse prophesied by Malachi.

Matthew A to Z + 2

Ch. 1, (A.) ANCESTRY from ABRAHAM to Jesus.  The ANGEL APPEARED saying, “Don’t be AFRAID AND then ANNOUNCED His ARRIVAL saying, “His name will be Immanuel which means, God with us.” (Mt. 1:23).

Ch. 2, (B.) The BABY BOY will BE BORN in BETHLEHEM.  (Mt. 2:5).  The wise men, following a BRIGHT star and BEARING gifts, BOWED down and worshiped the BABY BOY.  King Herod had the BABY BOYS in BETHLEHEM killed.

Ch. 3, (C.)  John the Baptist CRIED, “CHANGE your heart, your CARDIAC CONDITION.” Many CAME CONFESSING. (Mt. 3:2).  John said, “Do something to show that you have CHANGED.” Jesus CAME to John to be baptized.  When Jesus was baptized, the COMFORTER CAME down.

Ch. 4, (D.) The DEVIL in the DESERT said, “Turn these stones to bread.”  (Mt. 4:3).  DON’T DENY yourself a DELECTABLE DIET.  Jesus responded, “DEPART from me.” DON’T DARE tempt DEITY. The people in DARKNESS saw a great light.

Ch. 5, (E.) The Beatitudes: EXCEPTIONAL, EXCELLENT and EXCITING ETHICS.  Do not swear by heaven or EARTH. You are the salt of the EARTH.  Do not let your EYE or EXTREMITY lead you astray.  You have heard it said, “Love your neighbor.”  I tell you, “Love EVEN your ENEMIES.”  (Mt. 5:44).

Ch. 6, (F.) The FATHER’S prayer.  FATHER, FORGIVE us.  Keep us FROM temptation and FROM evil.  Don’t FRET and be FRANTIC about the FUTUREFIRST seek His kingdom.  (Mt. 6:33).  The FUTURE will take care of itself.

Ch. 7, (G.)  GIVE and you will GETGOD will always GIVE GOOD GIFTS to those who ask.  The GOLDEN Rule. (Mt. 7:12).  Do to others the same that you would have them do to you.  Build your house on the  GRANITE rock.

Ch. 8, (H.) HE HEALED HANSON’S disease (leprosy), the Centurion’s HURTING servant, and Peter’s mother-in-law of a HIGH fever.  HE also healed many possessed by evil spirits or HAINTSHE sent the demons into the HERD of HAM, and they HEADED HEADLONG into the sea. (Mt. 8:32).

Ch. 9, (I.)  He healed the INVALID and the woman with the ISSUE of blood.  He INVITED Matthew, the INCOME tax collector, to follow Him.  IT IS the INFIRMED, those who are ILL, who need a doctor.  I did not come to INVITE the righteous but the sinner. (Mt 9:13).

Ch. 10, (J.)  JESUS sent them on a JOURNEY saying, “Don’t take any silver or gold”, nothing that JINGLES in your purse.  JUST give a drink in my name.  You won’t just JABBER and JAW.  The Holy Spirit will speak through you. (Mt. 10:20).  JESUS JOURNEYED to teach and preach in other towns.

Ch. 11, (K.)  To enter the KINGDOM, you must KEEP the faith.  Father, thank you for KEEPING this KNOWLEDGE from the clever and giving it to the KIDS.  No one will KNOW the Son except the Father. (Mt. 11:27).

Ch. 12, (L.)  Jesus healed the man with a LAME hand.  (Mt. 12:13).  Some asked, “Is it LEGAL to heal on the Sabbath?”  He said, “If your LAMB fell in a ditch, you would LIFT it out.  LISTEN and LEARN from the Son of man.”

Ch. 13, (M.)  The seed that fell in good soil MULTIPLIED MIGHTILY. (Mt. 13:8).  When a MAN has MUCH, MUCH MORE will be given unto him.  MANY asked, “Where does he get this wisdom?  Isn’t MARY his MOTHER?”

Ch. 14, (N.) There is NO NEED to send the crowd away. He NOURISHED the crowd that NUMBERED 5,000.  Later, Peter walked toward Jesus on the water. He became NERVOUS, lost his NERVE and began to sink.  (Mt. 14:30).

Ch. 15, (O.)  The woman said, “Have pity ON me.  My ONLY daughter is sick.”  Christ responded, “I was ONLY sent to the house of Israel.”  He then said, “OH woman, great is your faith.  Your daughter is OKAY. She is healed.” He fed the crowd of 4,000, and food was left OVER. (Mt. 15:37).

Ch.16, (P.) PETER, you are PETRA the rock. “On you I will build my church.”  What you PERMIT on earth will be PERMITTED in heaven.  What does it PROFIT a man to gain the world? What PRICE can a man PAY to PURCHASE back his soul? (Mt. 16:26).

Ch. 17, (Q.)  The QUARTET went up the mountain.  They heard a QUOTE  from heaven, “This is my son in whom I am pleased.”  (Mt. 17:5). The disciples began to QUAKE and QUIVER.  Peter asked, “Do we pay our tax QUOTA?”  Jesus said, “Take the QUARTER from the mouth of the fish to pay our tax.

Ch. 18, (R.)  “Who is REALLY the greatest in heaven?”  He responded, “It is the man who can be as humble as a child who will REALLY be the greatest in heaven.”  (Mt. 18:4).  He also said, “If a man has a hundred sheep and one RUNS away, won’t he ROUND up and RESCUE the ROAMING sheep?”

Ch. 19, (S.) Jesus SAID, “A man SHALL leave his parents and SHALL STICK like SUPER glue to his wife.  Man SHALL not SEPARATE what God joined together.”  (Mt. 19:6).  The SON of man SHALL SIT on His throne in heaven.

Ch. 20, (T.) The farmer hired men to TOIL in his field. When THOSE who TOILED all day received THEIR silver coin, THEY grumbled saying, “You TREATED THOSE who TOILED little the same as THOSE who TOILED all day.” (Mt. 20:11-12).

Ch.21, (U.)  The disciples UNTIED the colt and He rode into Jerusalem UPON the colt.  UPSET with the moneychanger in the temple, Jesus turned their tables UPSIDE down.  (Mt. 21:12).  When he was hungry he said to the UNPRODUCTIVE fig tree, “Nothing will ever grow on you.  You are UNFIT.”

Ch. 22, (V.)  The king said, “Throw this VAGRANT out.  He is not dressed for the wedding!”  Trying to trap him, they asked three VEXING questions.  When they asked, “What is the VERY greatest commandment?” He responded, “Love God, and love your neighbor.” (Mt. 22:37-39).

Ch. 23, (W.) “Every man WHO promotes himself WILL be humbled.  WHOEVER is WILLING to be humble WILL find promotion.  WOE unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  You are WHITEWASHED tombs full of WICKEDNESS.  (Mt. 24-27).  You filter out the mosquito but swallow the WHOLE camel.

Ch. 24. (X.) “You must eXPECT His return. The sun will be darkened just like it was X’ED out. He will send his angels with an eXTRA-loud trumpet call.  The eXCELLENT servant will be found eXECUTING his duty.”  (Mt. 24:46).

Ch. 25, (Y.) “Whatever YOU did for the least of these, the YOUNGEST, YOU did for me. (Mt. 25: 40).  Come take YOUR inheritance.  Whatever YOU failed to do for the least of these, the YOUNGEST, YOU failed to do for me.”

Ch. 26, (Z.)  Peter and the two sons of ZEBEDEE went with Christ to the garden.  Jesus asked them to pray, but they fell asleep – took some Z’s.  Judas arrived.  Acting like a ZERO, he betrayed Jesus.  Peter drew his sword and ZAPPED off the ear of the servant of the high Priest.  (Mt. 26:51).

Ch. 27, (C2.)  CHRIST was CONDEMNED.  The CROWD CRIED, “CRUCIFY him.” Mt. (27:22-23). They put a CRIMSON CLOAK and CROWN of thorns on His head.  The CYRENE CARRIED his CROSS.  At CHRIST’S death the CENTURION said, “He was the Son of God.”

Ch. 28, (R2.)  At His RESURRECTION, the ROCK was ROLLED away.  The angel told Mary, “He is RISEN.”  She RAN to tell the disciples.  When the disciples saw Jesus, He said, “Go make disciples.  REMEMBER I am with you always.” (Mt. 28:20).