Jeremiah Denton, Former Senator, Alabama

RADM, USN, (Ret.), Ex-POW, Vietnam

“My creed for life is the Apostles’ Creed. My code of conduct is derived from the Ten Commandments and Jesus’ command to ‘love God, and your neighbor as you love yourself.’
“As an American naval officer, I derived motivation to serve my nation because of my love for my country. I also believe that Americans have a special justification to love their country derived from a love of God.

“America was founded as ‘one nation under God.’ Our founding fathers deliberately based their experiment in democracy upon the premise that the compassion and the self-discipline required for the success of a democracy can only come from citizens who believe strongly in God.
“Christianity embodies the belief that the ultimate success is heaven, and that it can only be attained in loving your neighbor as you love yourself. This belief provides compassion and self-discipline, which are the keys to our thesis and to our success.

“Due to our nation’s founding premise, I found it easy to serve in a profession that protected our land. My generation helped to protect and ensure the survival of our nation against Fascism and Soviet Communism. Now our greatest enemy is the threat that would do away with America’s belief in the founding premise, its founding thesis.

“If we continue to increase our forgetfulness of God’s ultimate significance, then America will not survive. I strive for the ultimate significant success—heaven—by loving and serving God, country, and family.”