William E. “Sonny” Mottern

National Commander, AX-POWs 1996-97
Ex-POW, WWII, Germany

“During WWII, U.S. troops were the best equipped fighting men in the world. But the one vital element that enabled me to survive the war and POW camp was not GI issue. It was supplied by my father and mother. It was portable, took no space in my barracks bag and, being invisible, could not be confiscated by the enemy. It was my faith…my Christian upbringing. My faith became a mighty bulwark against the brutality, cold, hunger, forced marches, boxcar rides, and bombing I endured. Faith became my constant companion, my comfort against the inhumanity of my enemy. I did not have to return it to the quartermaster when I was discharged. I brought it back home with me and relied on it to help raise my family, run a successful business, and to return to society some of the good fortune that has come my way…through faith.”