George W. Bush

Former Governor, Texas
President of the United States

“I have been alive now for more than half a century. The last 50 years have seen the most profound cultural change in American history. The role of government has grown dramatically, while the role of the individual has declined. By trying to do too much, government has undermined one of America’s greatest strengths: individual potential. Because we are free individuals, our capacity to dream and to do is as vast as the west Texas sky. Throughout the ages, individuals, more than armies or nations or politics, have shaped the course of events. Every triumphant achievement, every great decision, every spark of genius, every act of compassion in the final analysis came about because of the acts of individuals. Each of us holds a piece of the promise of America—each one of us, not just a few—not just those of certain income or neighborhood or skin color or educational level, every single one of us.”