Matthew A to Z + 2

A number of years ago during my daily Bible study, I decided that I wanted to better understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  With that decision, I began a daily study of the Gospel of Matthew.  As I read the Gospel over and over, I began to underline words in each chapter that would correspond to the number of the chapter and to the letter of the alphabet.  For example, chapter 1 would be A, and chapter 2 would correspond to B.  After doing this for weeks and months, I realize this method could be used as a tool to memorize the content of each chapter. I believe this method is a great learning tool for Bible students of any age.  I also feel this is a wonderful teaching tool for parents and grandparents to teach their children and grandchildren.

This method was used in colonial America as early as 1690 in the New England Primer, which taught the alphabet using Bible verse.

I will be the first to acknowledge that Matthew A to Z + 2 is only a summary of the Gospel.  It should be viewed as a framework of what happens in Matthew.  I must also admit that I have taken creative liberty in my attempt to use alliteration.  I have found this method to be very helpful with my recall of the content in each chapter.  I hope you find Matthew A to Z + 2 helpful in your study of the Gospel.