The following is an endorsement about
PRISONERS OF HOPE-A Gathering of Eagles:

“Prisoners of Hope will encourage and challenge your spirit as you read the stories of these American heroes. Every one of them served in difficult circumstances, in Vietnam some spent as long as eight years as POWs. Faith and hope brought them through hellish times. I personally heard many of their stories while escorting them on their returning flights out of Hanoi. This book will bring hope to all who read it.”

Brig Gen Dick Abel
USAF, (Ret.) Former Executive Director Military Ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ

The following endorsements are from people who have read
VALOR-A Gathering of Eagles:

“In the words and actions of some of our nation’s greatest warriors are timeless lessons for our lives. This book stirs the pride of America.”

General Terrance Drake
USMC (Ret.)

VALOR-A Gathering of Eagles brings us back to the basics, back to the values and principals that make America great. These are true heroes who you will want to introduce to your children and grandchildren. A common characteristic of so many of these eagles is faith in our Lord God Almighty.”

Maj General Charles Bond
USAF (Ret.), WWII, Ace, AVG, “Flying Tigers”

“There are no better sources of advice for men of arms than those who have walked the walk in service, meriting the nation’s highest honor for valor. Jim Coy is an author who understands the relationship between physical and moral courage and the true source of honor. His own noble standards are part of the greatness of this and other books.”

RADM, Jeremiah Denton
USN (Ret.), Former U.S. Senator, Ex-POW, Vietnam

“This wonderful book clearly portrays the courage, valor, and faith of individuals who made tremendous contributions to the greatness of our nation. A must read for all who love freedom, America, and the Almighty God.”

LTG Alonzo Short, Jr.
USA (Ret.), Chairman, Board of Directors, Promise Keepers

“Jim Coy’s latest, VALOR-A Gathering of Eagles, is a wonderful book about patriotism, courage, and the values that make America great. I would encourage every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine, to not only read, but to study the advice of these American heroes.”

Gen Anthony Robertson
USAF (Ret.), Fmr Commander in Chief, U.S. Transportation Command

“Any book written by this red, white, and blue Christian author will make a powerful and positive impact on the reader. Everyone who reads it will experience a renewed awareness of what makes America the greatest nation in the world.”

Brig Gen Robbie Risner
USAF (Ret.), Ace, Korean War, Ex-POW Vietnam

VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles will pull at your heart strings and renew your passion for everything that is good and right as you relive the exploits of great American heroes. It puts new meaning to the words courage, honor, sacrifice, and faith in God. You will be inspired to live above the common level of life…like those who risked it all for their buddies, their units, and their country.”

LTG Robert VanAntwerp, U.S. Army
President, Officer Christian Fellowship

“‘Be strong and courageous, I’ll never leave you or forsake you’ (Joshua 1:19). Courage, valor, faith, and hope are reflected in the lives of so many of these men who received the Medal of Honor. VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles encourages all of us to be people of conviction and character.”

Brig Gen Dick Abel, USAF (Ret.)
Military Ministry, Campus Crusade for Christ

“America needs warriors. This book is the story of some who have led the way and now share their faith and wisdom in a candid way. It will en-courage and inspire the reader.”

LTG William Boykin
United States Army

“I know Colonel Bernie Fisher and the faith he exercised on March 10, 1966. Prayer and faith were the basis of his decision and his courage to rescue Jump Meyers from the clutches of the NVA after crash landing at a contested jungle airstrip in Vietnam. Jim Coy’s book, VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles, is the testimony of Bernie and many other Medal of Honor recipients’ faith in God.”

Lt Gen Bruce Fister, USAF (Ret.)
Executive Director, Officer Christian Fellowship

“I know of no other character trait valued more than courage. It is the one element that takes ordinary people and transforms them—and everyone around them. In VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles, Colonel Jim Coy draws out the life lessons of those who have been awarded our highest honor for courage.”

Maj Gen Jerry White, USAF (Ret.)
President, The Navigators

“The men depicted in VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles, represent America’s best. They are men with character and courage who sacrificed without question for the United States and for people they did not know in faraway places. Their deeds speak volumes as they provide insight for all. Individuals like these will continue to keep America the land of the free for the future.”

GEN John Tilelli, USA (Ret.)
Former Commanding General, UN and US Forces – Korea

“The creature seeks the Creator. To help each other in the quest, our lives are meant to point to Him. But a few people, capable of heroic virtue, draw bold blue arrows on the map of our lives. This book is about men such as these.”

VADM Art Cebrowski, USN (Ret.)
Former President, U.S. Naval War College

“The inspirational stories in VALOR—A Gathering of Eagles are, in them-selves, an inspiration. These heroes stand for duty, honor, and country, but they stand for much more than that. Rather, they stand for all that is right, good, and decent. Further, they serve as a reminder that all of our hopes and dreams, yours and mine, collectively are entrusted to the do-main of the soldier, the airman, the Marine, and to all those who serve in uniform. They have never failed us and I suggest that they never shall…must reading for all.”

GEN John Coburn, USA (Ret.)
Former Commander, U.S. Army Materiel Command

“As Joshua was exhorted to ‘be strong and courageous’ on the eve of the battle of Jericho, so have men in each generation been called to extraordi-nary bravery in combat and sought the same Source of strength as Joshua. This book chronicles the experiences and insights of Americans whose courageous service under fire has been recognized by the nation’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor. They have earned the right to be heard, and I recommend it highly.”

VADM J. Scott Redd, USN (Ret.)
Founder and former Commander, U.S. FIFTH Fleet

The following stories are from people who have read

A leader of a national ministry living in Colorado related this story about his next door neighbor: “For years I tried to develop a spiritual relationship with my neighbor. Year after year my neighbor indicated that he had no interest in spiritual things or a spiritual dialogue. He was a Special Forces “Green Beret,” a veteran of the Vietnam War. I gave him a copy of A GATHERING OF EAGLES. After reading the advice of the men from the Medal of Honor and the Ex-POW categories of the book, he came to my house and told me he would like to begin meeting together weekly to discuss spiritual issues in his life.”

This story was told by a lady about her son-in-law: “My son-in-law was not a believer. He is a patriotic veteran of the Persian Gulf War. Although he was proud of his service in the Gulf War, he came back unsure of what direction he should take in life. I gave him a gift copy of A GATHERING OF EAGLES. He read the book, then re-read it and then read it again. He began to question why so many men who love and served the nation in uniform arrived at a faith, until one day he realized that he had also become a born-again believer.”

A veteran of the Vietnam War and a Medal of Honor recipient tells this story: “I gave one of my copies of A GATHERING OF EAGLES to a friend who had many emotional problems associated with his service in Vietnam. He told me that he would read some of the book but not all of it. He said, ‘I won’t read the advice from Admirals or Generals; I didn’t like them when I was in the service and I don’t like them now.’ He also said, ‘I don’t believe what politicians say so I will not read their advice.’ He then said, ‘I don’t have a faith, so I won’t read the advice offered by the leaders in Religion.’ He took the book home and began to read the advice from the men who received the Medal of Honor and the advice from the Ex-POW’s. A few weeks later he called me and asked to talk with me about faith. He said, ‘If so many of the men that I consider heroes have a belief in God, then I need to see if there is something that I’m missing.”

“I purchased the book A GATHERING OF EAGLES to give to my ex-husband and his current wife. My ex-husband is a retired Army veteran. He lost his faith sometime during his military career. Apparently after receiving the book he said, ‘I will not read that book.’ The book remained on the kitchen table, untouched for over two months. One morning his wife noticed that the book was not on the table and her husband, my ex-husband, was in the basement. He remained in the basement the entire day. Concerned about him, she quietly walked down the basement steps to check on him. When she looked around the door she saw her husband on his knees, in prayer, asking God’s forgiveness and for God to once again be a part of his life.”

“I was given the book A GATHERING OF EAGLES as a gift. After reading the book I was so impressed with the advice of these leaders that I decided to purchase the book for every graduating senior in our county. I gave a copy of the book to the Superintendent of Schools for our county. He believed the advice was so important for our graduating seniors that he read advice from one leader each day on our local radio station for the two weeks before graduation.”

This story was told by a leader in the Business and Professional Ministry of the Navigators. “I recently spoke at a regional men’s conference in the mid-west and used a number of leadership quotes from the book, A GATHERING OF EAGLES. Following the session, a man shared this story with me: A wrestler from a large midwestern university purchased a copy of the book, A GATHERING OF EAGLES. He was blessed by the advice of the men in the book so he decided to give a copy of the book, as a gift to his wrestling coach. Apparently after reading and then re-reading the book, the coach decided that he wanted to become a Christian and he dedicated his life to Jesus Christ.”

“One of the Ex-POW’s in the book A Gathering of Eagles also appeared in the video PRISONERS OF HOPE. He received a phone call from a lady on the west coast. She indicated that she had never had a faith, but after watching the program PRISONERS OF HOPE, she made the decision to become a Christian and accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.”